Mechanical engineering

As a specialist in mechanical engineering, we provide consulting services to customers from a wide range of industries. We plan, design, manufacture and assemble our customers’ plants, whether in the field of special machine construction, intra-logistics, conveying or bulk material handling. Our experts advise customers as early as the planning phase to ensure that our customers receive an optimally cost-effective solution for their application.

Construction or modernization

When planning investments, the question inevitably arises as to whether existing systems should be modernized or completely reengineered. With our experience, we ensure that our customers’ decision is based on the best information available. Together, we analyze the opportunities and risks of your project and thus provide you with a solid base for deciding whether to modernize existing plants or to acquire new ones. For us, this means sustainability.

Mechanical engineering for all areas of application

In the following, we present our services in the field of conveying and bulk materials technology, intralogistics and special machine construction in more detail. These will give you an insight into our work and references. If your project does not fit directly to these three presented areas, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do not limit ourselves exclusively to these areas of mechanical engineering and also offer other niche solutions.