Modernization and new construction of theater and auditorium seating

Whether for universities, theaters or stadiums, we supply all metal components for seating. We focus not only on new installations, but also on modernization and restoration of existing seating.

Customer success story: Renovation of 900 seats of the seating of the Münster Theater

We are proud to make our contribution to the renovation of the Münster Theater. Exactly 910 seats of the theater were repaired, stripped of paint, equipped with a new folding mechanism and then powder-coated in our plant in Löhne. Later on, the theater seating was then equipped with modern LED lighting.

What is special about this project is that due to the orientation of the seats in the theater auditorium, each seat is unique. Therefore, throughout the entire process, from repair to paint stripping and subsequent powder coating, we make sure that each seat is returned exactly to its former place. For this purpose, the chairs are provided with laser-cut numbers, which also survive the acid bath of the paint stripping without any problems.

Our references speak for themselves

Whether stadium seating, theater seating or the furnishing of an auditorium, our references will give you an impression of our products and services. We invite you to take a look at some of our references in the reference gallery.