The possibilities of stainless steel processing allow precise and individual execution of your orders. Production, laser cutting, assembly – everything from a single source.

Exact cut, highest precision, everything fits together perfectly and also looks excellent. That is the goal of our stainless steel work. Your fabrication will be laser cut or laser inscribed if required. After assembly, you will receive an unmistakably individual product that will impress not only you, but also your customers.

Our references speak for themselves

Products and add-on objects made of stainless steel are very popular. Their application possibilities are enormous. If we would want to report about each of our constructed products, we would write very long. Therefore we invite you to have a look at some of our references in the reference gallery.

Stainless steel constructions around the real estate – there is much more…

Our stainless steel constructions are also popular as annexes to real estate. In addition to our planned staircases, our stainless steel products are also used for individually planned gate and fence systems, balconies, escape staircases, railings or escape slides.